Sambal Cili dan Tempe Ikan Bilis

Burn your taste buds with its awesomeness

Sambal Cili dan Tempe Ikan Bilis


Sambal Cili and Tempe Ikan Bilis is one spicy beast. Cooked in the sea of chilli’s paste, the partially fried anchovies and tempe are then added to give its familiar mouth watering taste. We add tamarind juice into this just to give a tinge taste of sour to balance its sweet and spicy taste. You can have this sambal cili with your favorite nasi lemak or even have it in your sandwich. Either way you will not regret it.

Don’t forget your iced water to cool down the mouth’s temperature.

Our packaging has ziplock feature which you can zip it and store it in the refrigerator to make it last longer. Normally the sambal last for two weeks if it is refrigerated.

So place your order today. We ship it out as soon as possible to tame your Sambal fetish.

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Weight 100 g


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